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Reviews Get ready for plenty of shivers! Eerie, misted swampscapes populated by plenty of green-skinned, Gollum-esque bogles. Clambering through scenes of soggy, blue-lit hummocks and opaque pools, the web-fingered, razor-toothed swamp-dwellers give this atmospheric rendition a deliciously creepy edge. Kirkus Reviews
Copyright 2015 M. P. Robertson Esq.
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The Moon picked her way through the shadows. She saw vague shapes lurking in the mist. She heard horrible squelchings and evil belchings. When she wandered too close to the water’s edge, clammy webbed fingers snatched. The bogles were hungry tonight.
The Moon In Swampland When the Moon takes on human form and visits Swampland she is led astray by Will-o-the-wisps and imprisoned by bogles. With no Moon to light the night sky no one is safe from the bogles’ evil clutches.
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