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Dramatic illustrations and timeless prose style give the feeling of reading an ancient legend, while a humorous twist at the end reminds us this is a modern tale. The booktrust
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Reviews Full page pictures of dragons swooping and breathing fire leap out of the book from every angle. Blackbird Pie Beautifully crafted and illustrated with a valiant theme for the boys and a soft endearing aspect for the girls. I'd happily recommend this book for keeps. Writeaway
A crooked old wizard with a beard of frost entered the room. A shiver ran through George as the room became icy cold..
The Dragon Snatcher When an ice wizard plots to steal all the dragon eggs, George knows he must stop his wicked plan. But, with just one egg left to collect, will George save the day or will the wizard keep the dragon eggs forever in his icy clutches? Let the chase begin!
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