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Reviews Appealing both to the eye and the heart and, even though children are unlikely to catch the literary references, their parents will chuckle over them. Kirkus reviews With realistic, detailed illustrations and nicely measured storyline, this is a beautifully crafted, big book to delight children of any age. The Irish Examiner
This is a book to be put on display where possible, so that it might be found and enjoyed by either the scientifically inventive child or the reluctant reader – it may well appeal to both. School librarian Told with humour and poise. Kate Kellerway, The Guardian
Slowly but surely, nut by bolt, socket by sprocket ... Stan was coming together
Frank n Stan Franklin P. Shelley is an only child. He asks his mother if he can have a brother or sister but she just says “We’ll see.” So Frank decides to build his own. A heartwarming family story, with plenty of references to Mary Shelley’s classic.
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