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    Sad Day :(

    Outside my Studio there stands an apple tree. It forms an arch as I walk up the steps to work and I watch from my window as it changes with the seasons, it’s bows burdened with snow in the winter and laden heavy with fruit in the late summer. In short my apple tree fills me with happiness… and in September apple crumble.

    However today was a very sad day indeed as I dragged myself up the 52 steps to work through the persistent heavy rain, I realised that I had to duck my head far lower than usual. I thought at first that the heavy crop of apples had perhaps torn a branch off then I realised with horror that the rain had loosened the roots and the weight of the fruit had toppled the tree to a forty five degree angle.

    The apple tree has been there for possibly a hundred years and I am grieving as if I’ve lost a dear old friend. The Apple tree even inspired me to write a children’s book called “The Tree”.I’m trying to now find a good tree surgeon, I’m hoping with some strategic pruning we maybe able to lift the tree into a more vertical position and one day it may well stand as proud as she did yesterday.

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