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    DANGER! Egg hatching.

    I’ve just spent a great day at Woodloes School in Warwick, one of the first in quite a big spring term tour. Teachers are truly amazing people. Someone must have slaved over creating this fantastic egg. Apparently in the assembly they had a smoke machine billowing out dragon steam. The little girl in the back is holding a dragons mask her mum made, unfortunately the picture doesn’t capture it.

    How to Grow Monster Veg… The Movie!

    I’ve just finished the artworks for my latest project, “How to grow Monster Vegetables” Please come into the studio and have a nose. The book should be out in April, it’s packed full of useful tips such how to as-salt a Sluggapotamus, the best type of poo to use for your soil and how to harvest a carnivorous cabbage. Happy gardening!


    I’ve almost finished my latest book – “How to grow Monster Vegetables” a comprehensive guide to growing Monstrous Veg. I thought I’d use Halloween as an excuse to give you a sneak peak. should be available sometime next year. Happy Halloween, and remember in the monster garden it’s not so important that you eat your greens, it’s more important that your greens don’t eat you!

    img_2624troll-dungsalting-a-sluggapotamusimg_2622 img_2621the-tool-shedthe-grumpkin-patchbeat-root

    Hieronymus Betts now available as a personalised edition

    screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-13-45-04I’ve been working with a new company, “From me to You”. they’ve just released a new edition of Hieronymus Betts where you can insert the name of your children and have a very personalised book. Works for both genders!



    Meeting one of your Characters.

    I visited Far Forest Primary School near Kidderminster today and spotted a boy who was the spitting image of George from ‘The Egg’.
    “You look just like George.” I Said.
    “I am George.” He replied.
    I’m now looking for two brothers called Frank and Stan.

    Meeting one of your characters!

    Meeting one of your characters!

    Sad Day :(

    Outside my Studio there stands an apple tree. It forms an arch as I walk up the steps to work and I watch from my window as it changes with the seasons, it’s bows burdened with snow in the winter and laden heavy with fruit in the late summer. In short my apple tree fills me with happiness… and in September apple crumble.

    However today was a very sad day indeed as I dragged myself up the 52 steps to work through the persistent heavy rain, I realised that I had to duck my head far lower than usual. I thought at first that the heavy crop of apples had perhaps torn a branch off then I realised with horror that the rain had loosened the roots and the weight of the fruit had toppled the tree to a forty five degree angle.

    The apple tree has been there for possibly a hundred years and I am grieving as if I’ve lost a dear old friend. The Apple tree even inspired me to write a children’s book called “The Tree”.I’m trying to now find a good tree surgeon, I’m hoping with some strategic pruning we maybe able to lift the tree into a more vertical position and one day it may well stand as proud as she did yesterday.

    Top Trumps @ Sythwood

    This gallery contains 3 photos.

    I had a last minute booking at Sythwood School near Woking… on a Saturday! I was with 36 children for the Whole day, so it gave me the chance to try out my Top Trumps project. I Was extremely pleased that by the end of the day children were sitting around their tables playing Top Trumps with their very own pack. Many thanks to the teachers who made it possible, especially to Mrs. Richmond whose understanding of Word was invaluable.

    A day at The Pochin School in Barkby Leicester.

    Had a lovely trip to a beautiful village just outside Leicester. received a very warm welcome from the children and the staff. The headmaster attended every workshop, I think he enjoyed it as much as the children.

    A snapshot form the Pochin School's website.

    A snapshot form the Pochin School’s website.

    St. Peters Bristol

    Had a wonderful day at the St. Peters in Bristol. An outstanding school with outstanding pupils and teachers. Here are a couple of photos from the day.